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Richard Horton & David Horton

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Pepper quickly learns how to be a strong cow horse just like her mother, Patsy.  She meets animals in the pastures and learns about cows, rivers, and her Owner.  Pepper grows quickly and becomes beautiful and strong.  Pepper loves Patsy and knows that she is patient and knowledgeable.  The Owner quickly finds a buyer for Pepper and in the blink of an eye Pepper finds herself in a new home without her mother.

Pepper now has to cope with the loss of her previous life with Patsy and the pasture she knew so well.  Pepper goes through the separation and sadness that anyone would feel being separated from their mother for the first time.  In her new setting, Pepper begins to get familiar with her new Master and her surroundings.  A local dog, Blue, walks by Pepper's corral almost daily and they strike up a friendship.  Pepper learns a great deal about the town and the workings of things from Blue.  During this time, Pepper begins to see that her Master is more than an Owner, he is becoming her Friend.  Her Friend teaches her so much and takes her for long rides to exciting places.  In time, Pepper realizes that her Friend is really a Dear Friend.  Pepper lets her Dear Friend do anything to train her.  Whether it is ropes, carts, or walking backwards, Pepper trusts her Dear Friend.  Things change when Blue is killed in an accident and her Dear Friend's wife's medical condition worsens.  With the medical struggles going on Pepper is forgotten and overlooked.  Her Dear Friend's wife dies from complications from cancer.

The bills mount and in a cruel twist of fate; Pepper's Dear Friend must sell his home, his assets, and even Pepper to cover medical bills from his wife's treatments.  With Pepper gone, the Dear Friend begins to slip into a terrible depression.  He has to move in with his daughter and her family.  He has nothing to live for.  His condition becomes so dire that the doctor contemplates admitting him into a full care facility.  In a last-ditch effort to save his life, the Dear Friend's daughter arranges for Pepper to come back to live on the vacant lot next to her home.  Like coming back from the dead the Dear Friend recognizes Pepper and their love is rekindled.  Pepper saves her Dear Friend’s life by giving him the reason to carry on.