June 2018

David speaks about “Pepper” at Harvest Valley Elementary School’s College and

Career Day


May 2017

David joins The Core Collaborative as Director of Learning Systems.

David joined his long time friend and colleague Dr. Paul Bloomberg at The Core



April 2017

David invited to a "read and sign" children's event at Barnes & Noble - Temecula



David was invited to read select pages from "Pepper" as well as sign copies for

guests.  The children who attended were also treated to drawing practice of horses and dogs.


April 2017

David invited to a "sign and greet" to celebrate Educator Appreciation Week at

Barnes & Noble - Temecula CA.


David was invited to support his book "Leading School Teams" by holding a "sign

and greet" event to meet educator on two Saturdays in April.


November 2016

David offers a limited random drawing to win a copy of "Pepper" signed by both

authors for the Holidays.


November 2016

David speaks about "Leading School Teams" at Concordia University Leadership



David was invited to speak to a select group of administrators in training about

how trust building and team building impacts their ability to increase Teacher Collective Efficacy.  The Symposium was held at the Irvine, CA Campus.


November 2016

"Leading School Teams" selected as a Book Club Selection by Phi Delta Kappa



David's book was selected as the November selection for 2016.  Only 3 titles are

selected each year by Phi Delta Kappa International and a copy sent to all of their subscribers.


October 2016

"Leading School Teams" is published and released by Corwin.


June 2016 David speaks about "Leading School Teams" at MindFuelED conference.


David was invited to speak to a select group of educators who engage with the

Core Collaborative for deeper work on Impact Teams and Student Improvement.  

The conference was held in La Jolla, CA.


November 2015

David publishes "Pepper" with


David selects as the publishing solution for the children's novel,

"Pepper."  Pepper is a collaboration between David and his father, Richard.   The story has its beginnings more than 10 years ago. Its evolution is now complete and can be shared with general audience readers.


April 2013

David publishes article in the Leadership and Learning Center Magazine.

“The Path to Transformative Organizational Change.”  Co-written with T.

Chambers. Leadership and Learning Center Magazine.


February 2013

David contributes a chapter to "Getting Started with Rigorous Curriculum


“Getting Started with Rigorous Curriculum Design” a contributing chapter

co-written with T. Chambers, compiled by Larry Ainsworth and Kristin Anderson.  

Leadership and Learning Press.  


December 2005

David publishes article in EdCal Newspaper.

“Public school search and seizure case study can aid administrators.”


EdCal - The official newspaper of the Association of California School

Administrators.  December 12, 2005.


May 2005

David publishes his Doctoral Dissertation.


Search and Seizure - The Fourth Amendment and Qualified Immunity Under 42

U.S.C. § 1983:  Conduct Implications For Public School Administrators.