Build Teacher Teams with Personalized and Tailored Consulting

How effective is your team?  Research shows that "teacher collective efficacy" - when all teachers are collectively engaged and focused on improvement - can do more to increase student learning than with any other strategy.  In fact, powerhouse teams can achieve four years of learning in a single calendar year.  Learn how you can build teacher teams at your school to reach this potential.


Learn the strategies to build on teacher strengths, improve team leader skills, and maximize administrative support by co-constructing a learning path that is personal to your site.  Canned programs don't have staying power.  Learning must be personal and the content must be monitored by an experienced coach.  Click the link below to schedule a free consultation call.

Similing Team
Class Portrait
Class Portrait


Learn how to create professional development that teachers actually find valuable and rewarding.  Discover how to bring training that improves work in the classroom and the team room.  And, most importantly, make the training tailored to the teachers and their current strategy needs.