David's father, Richard, started a story years ago about his special connection with a horse, Pepper.  Richard allowed David to edit and add some media to the original project.  After several years passed, David saw the potential of enhancing the original story to create a love and loss story line.  This addition since blossomed to the now published children's novel - Pepper.

David's professional writing in the field of Educational Leadership and Teamwork has been active since 2010.  David has compiled three manuscripts with one of them, Leading School Teams, now published by Corwin. 


David has degrees from UCLA, Pepperdine and La Verne.  He is an Adjunct Professor with two Southern California universities.  He has been involved in California public education for nearly twenty years.  David currently consults and trains with The Core Collaborative, International Center for Leadership Education, and NWEA.  He recently served as an Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for a 20,000 student school district.  He lives in Southern California with his wife, Tina, two kids and two dogs.  He is a voracious collector of music, a die hard fan of UCLA football and basketball, a "bleed blue" LA Dodger and a loyal fan of the New York Football Giants.